Clear Labels, Not Forests

Palm oil is a hidden ingredient found in up to half of packaged foods across Europe, including chocolate, biscuits, margarine and crisps. It is usually simply listed as 'vegetable oil'.

The expansion of oil palm plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia is a significant driver of deforestation, with disastrous consequences for a multitude of critically endangered species, including the orangutan, elephant, rhino and tiger.

Following a review in Europe about how food is labelled, we launched the Clear Labels, Not Forests campaign. More than 3000 people from 18 countries took part, calling on their MEPs to support the clear labelling of specific vegetable oils on food ingredients lists. In July 2011 the European Parliament agreed, and the new regulation was formally adopted in September 2011.

Clearer labelling of ingredients such as palm oil will allow EU citizens to make choices about the products they buy. It will also support vital changes in the palm oil industry as it will help to drive demand for certified sustainable palm oil, which is good news for forests and wildlife.

Thank you for helping us achieve this fantastic result!

Click here to read the press release about this campaign victory.

Oil palm rows