SOS and OIC have produced a Guidebook to the Gunung Leuser National Park. The book will be used by forest guides and visitors, and will also be of interest to anyone wishing to learn more about the park and conservation.

The book covers a broad introduction to the national park, the fauna and flora, and current threats to the fragile ecosystem.  It takes an in-depth look at the ecology and conservation status of the Sumatran orangutan, as well as the benefits of ecotourism, and the problems that can arise from its mismanagement. One of the most prominent risks of humans in close proximity to endangered primates is disease transmission, an issue which is also covered in the book. Finally, we include a species guide to the fauna and flora that visitors may see, and the guidelines that guides and their guests must follow when visiting the forest.

You can download each chapter below: guidebook cover

Chapter 1 - The Gunung Leuser National Park

Chapter 2 - The Sumatran orangutan

Chapter 3 - Ecotourism

Chapter 4 - Disease Risk

Chapter 5 - Species Guide

Chapter 6 - Sumatran Orangutan Viewing Guidelines

 We have also produced two pocket guidebooks for the popular visitor destinations of Bukit Lawang and Tangkahan:

Pocket Guidebook to Bukit Lawang

Pocket Guidebook to Tangkahan