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Tapanuli orangutans are critically endangered. Only 800 survive in the wild, making them the world’s rarest great ape.

But their forests are under threat. These orangutans are found in just one small area of Indonesian jungle. Carved up by roads, dams and farmlands, their forests are rapidly disappearing. Unless we act fast, these magnificent apes will disappear from our planet forever.

For nearly 20 years, Sumatran Orangutan Society has worked tirelessly to protect orangutans. The Tapanuli orangutan needs us now more than ever. Will you support our vital work to help these magnificent apes before it’s too late?

Tapanuli orangutans in crisis

In 2017, the announcement of a new orangutan species made headlines around the globe. With fewer than 800 individuals remaining in the wild, the Tapanuli orangutan immediately became the world’s most endangered great ape species.

They are found only in the Batang Toru forests of Sumatra in Indonesia. These forests also host many other rare and threatened species, including Sumatran tigers, pangolins, sun bears and helmeted hornbills.

But Tapanuli orangutans face the very real and immediate threat of extinction. A new hydroelectric dam is being constructed, slicing through the heart of their remaining forests. If the dam is built, the Batang Toru forests will be devastated and the Tapanuli orangutan will be condemned to extinction.

Sumatran Orangutan Society has been a driving force in protecting Tapanuli orangutans and their forest. We are working with other conservationists and independent experts, both in Indonesia and around the world, to tackle the threats facing this incredible species and their fragile habitat. 

Your contribution will support our urgent work to protect all orangutans in Sumatra, including those threatened by the new dam. With your generous help, we can ensure a brighter future for orangutans and their forests.

Tapanuli orangutans in crisis

Zac Mills

An adult sumatran orangutan

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