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We need your help to give our newest restoration site a name.

The 890-acre piece of land used to be an oil palm plantation, and we currently still refer to it by its old name, PT Mutiara. We want to give it a new name, chosen by our supporters to reflect the amazing community effort that went into raising the funds to buy the land.

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If you’ve been following our work for a while, you’ll remember our Rainforest Home Appeal, which raised over £870,000 to purchase a critical piece of land in North Sumatra. We’d never tried to raise such a large amount before, but our wonderful supporters quickly showed us that they believed in us and in our plan to reforest the land. Donations came flooding in and we reached our target in March this year.

Once we’d transferred the funds to our sister NGO, Orangutan Information Centre (OIC), the work to transform the monoculture back into a thriving forest began. The fantastic restoration team has now cleared thousands of oil palms from the site, and we are all looking forward to the next stage – prepping compost and seeds to start growing the rainforest trees which will stand on this land for decades to come.

In our communications with OIC, we’re all still referring to the land by its former name, PT Mutiara, but we want to give the land a new title that is better suited to its second chance at life as a rainforest. As you all helped us to reach the fundraising goal, it seems only right that you have an opportunity to help us name our restoration site as well. We’re accepting suggestions via the form above from 9th September until 23rd September. We’ll then shortlist them and put the shortlisted options to a public vote to make the final decision.

Help us name our restoration site

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