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A deforested area in Sumatra

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Our campaigns tackle the root causes of deforestation and the decline of orangutans in the wild.
  • We shine a global spotlight on the breathtaking biodiversity in Sumatra’s last standing forests.
  • We lobby the government and private companies to honour their commitments to environmental conservation
  • We expose wildlife and forest crimes.

Current Campaigns

More Trees Please

Thousands of hectares of orangutan habitat have been destroyed and replaced with farmland and other developments.

Together with our partners in Sumatra, we are reclaiming and restoring this land for wildlife. Planting trees and maintaining them as they grow takes a lot of time, and employs a lot of people. To plant a rainforest tree seedling and nurture it until it’s a strong adult tree costs around £5, so to plant several hectares quickly adds up.

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Sustainable Palm Oil City Oxford

Help us turn Oxford into a Sustainable Palm Oil City.

By harnessing the reach and buying power of the hospitality sector, we can support the protection of orangutans and their rainforest homes.

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Splash & Burn

Curated by renowned Street Artist Ernest Zacharevic, the Splash & Burn campaign is an innovative platform to raise global consciousness about Sumatra’s incredible forests, iconic wildlife and forest-dependent communities.

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Recent successes

No palm oil for biofuels

Following reports that the UK government is supporting a European trade deal with Indonesia, known as CEPA, which would boost the import of palm oil, leading UK organisations working towards the conservation of Indonesia’s rainforests and wildlife are calling on Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to ensure that the UK will support the EU phasing out of palm oil biofuels, and retain this commitment post-Brexit.

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Palm oil company held to account

Following a four-year-long battle, we have succeeded in getting a palm oil company kicked out of a sustainability body for tearing down orangutan habitat. In 2012, seven orangutans were evacuated from an oil palm plantation managed by PT Sisirau in Aceh province, Sumatra.  Read more


Clear Labels, Not Forests

Previously hidden behind the term ‘vegetable oil’ on ingredients lists, palm oil is an ingredient found in up to half of packaged foods across Europe. The expansion of oil palm plantations in Sumatra has been one of the most significant drivers of deforestation. Our “Clear Labels, Not Forests” campaign resulted in a new EU regulation that specific vegetable oils must be labelled on food packaging. This will support increased demand for responsible palm oil, a crucial step in changing the practices of the industry.

Freedom for Pongky

At the start of 2016, a Sumatran orangutan named Pongky was finally granted the chance to return to the wild, after spending over ten years behind bars, first as a ‘pet’, and then in a zoo. We campaigned for more than two years for his freedom, and we are delighted that he will have the chance to return to the forest, where he belongs.

An adult sumatran orangutan

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