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Leave a gift in your will

Join the Wisdom Circle

If you pledge to leave a gift in your will to ensure a future for orangutans, we would be delighted to welcome you into the Wisdom Circle.

The Wisdom Circle is a group of like-minded people who pledge to make a long-term difference to orangutans by leaving a gift in their will. These gifts will help ensure the future of orangutans and their rainforests.

Who was Lucy Wisdom?
Lucy Wisdom, who died in December 2009, brought colour and passion to everything she did, above all to the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS), the charity she founded and which became her life’s work. She fostered SOS’s growth from a one-woman campaign to a small but vital international conservation organisation, whose projects and campaigns allow wild orangutans to thrive in the forests of Sumatra. In the 1980s Lucy was training as a flying trapeze artist in Paris. Seven years later, after surgery for breast cancer, she found herself swinging off forest vines in Sumatra, teaching young orangutans to hone their skills in their natural environment.

Lucy soon realised that saving individual apes could not prevent the extinction of the species, and set up SOS in order to realise her vision of a safe future for wild orangutans. In 2001 Lucy also co-founded the Orangutan Information Centre with Indonesian conservationists to protect orangutans as a keystone species in the rainforest ecosystem; OIC remains our close partner and ally to this day. Lucy was a champion for enabling local solutions to conservation challenges, and we are proud that this principle remains at the heart of our work.

Leave a gift

“In between courses of chemo,
Lucy swung from jungle trees to show young
apes how to do it. If the orangutans, tigers and rhinos
survive against all odds it will be due to Lucy, SOS,
the staff on the ground and supporters like you”

- Dr Charlotte Jones, Lucy’s mother

What would you give to see orangutans living in the wild for generations to come?

Would you like to pass on your love of animals to the next generation?
If so, please join our circle of like-minded givers who have pledged to leave a gift in their will.

Like you, we believe that these incredible animals should be given the respect they deserve. This is not just about emotion. Of course you look into their eyes and see a human look of love or of suffering. But this is about so much more than that. These are our cousins. They share 96.4% of our DNA. It is our duty to be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

• We rescue individual orangutans in danger – when a species is critically endangered every life matters.
• We plant trees to restore lost orangutan habitat–in the last few years we have helped to plant nearly 2 million seedlings.
• We built the Lucy Wisdom School for rural children living next to the forest
• We help villages and local farmers access a viable income without encroaching into the forest.
• We actively campaign in Sumatra and internationally against practices which threaten the survival of orangutans.
• All our initiatives are backed by evidence and based on sound conservation science.
• We work with local people in Sumatra to offer them a future living in harmony with the forest.

Together, these actions are helping to secure a brighter future for Sumatra’s orangutans, forests and people.
We are their voice.
Will you join us?

Our Guarantee

Sumatran Orangutan Society was established in 2001 and has stable finances and solid governance with a board of trustees who have considerable experience of managing charitable organisations. Any gift you leave to secure the future of orangutans will be in safe hands.

Your will is the ultimate reflection of your values. It gives you the opportunity to provide for your loved ones and to create a forest legacy for future generations. When you make a gift to SOS, you are allowing us to join your family, and you become a part of ours.

As a member of your family, we make these commitments to you:

Good Stewards

We will be good stewards of the funds you have entrusted to us. You (and the orangutans) deserve nothing less.


We will honour your wishes if you prefer to remain anonymous or want to designate your donation for a particular programme.

Forever Grateful

We will never forget how much we are indebted to you and the commitment you have shown to helping protect orangutans and forests for future generations.

Important Details:
The Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) is a registered Charity in England & Wales.

You should quote our registered Charity No. 1158711 in your will.

Any gift you leave to secure the future of orangutans will be in safe hands. We are a well-established charity with stable finances and solid governance. Our experienced board of independent trustees oversee our work and ensure that we remain true to our mission and deliver the greatest impact we possibly can. Our projects represent excellent value for money. If you wish to examine our latest accounts, you can do so by visiting The UK Charity Commission website and searching for SOS by charity number 1158711.

Please do let us know if you are planning to leave a gift in your will to SOS. This information will be treated as confidential, but we always love hearing from you and what first inspired you to love orangutans – wisdomcircle@orangutans-sos.org
Thank you.

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