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Paul Hilton

Protecting forests

Our ultimate mission is to protect wild orangutans in safe forests.

In order to achieve this, we need to address drivers of deforestation at every scale.  Some forest destruction is supposedly legal, but much is clearly illegal. Some is a gradual chipping away of the forest one or two hectares at a time by rural communities, and some is the industrial-scale conversion of forests to agriculture. Some is enabled by a lack of law enforcement, and some by high-level land use planning decisions.

Protecting forests

Layton Thompson


Our partners work with communities living next to orangutan habitat, helping them protect and improve their livelihoods and in the process, safeguarding an irreplaceable ecosystem. In order to tackle the root causes of forest degradation, our key strategy is to promote and enable sustainable development activities which are compatible with conservation.

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Protecting forests

Paul Daley


We promote the value of forests to the Indonesian government, to industry and to civil society, supporting efforts to slow deforestation. We challenge those responsible for forest loss, whether by lobbying the government and private companies to honour their commitments to environmental conservation, or by exposing wildlife and forest crimes. We shine a spotlight on the breathtaking biodiversity in Sumatra’s last standing forests, building a global movement calling for their protection.

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Mother and baby Sumatran orangutan

Suzi Eszterhas


We are working with partners and allies in Sumatra and across the globe to scale up the reach and impact of conservation programmes for the Leuser Ecosystem. The approaches we support include field protection, law enforcement, political and legal advocacy, campaigning, and sustainable development.

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