The SOS Keyboard

The SOS keyboard

Download the SOS keyboard onto your mobile phone today to raise money for us at no cost to you.

The SOS keyboard – what is it?

Anybody who loves SOS’s work can now download a simple keyboard app to help us raise money. For every £1 you spend while shopping using your phone or tablet, you will be generating 2.5p for SOS. It’s really easy – here’s how it works.

SOS is one of the first charities in the UK to have its own bespoke keyboard that you can download to your mobile phone or tablet, whether you use iOS or Android.

Once you have an SOS keyboard, every time you spend any money online by using the keyboard and following the link that appears, you will raise money for us and be helping to protect orangutans in the wild. Nearly every shop you might use – Amazon, eBay, Tesco, etc – will benefit us at no extra cost to you, and no extra cost to us.

If you use already use services like Amazon Smile, our keyboard will help raise even more money on top. We will receive around five times more money from an Amazon Smile purchase than before, just because you are using the SOS keyboard. Even if you sometimes choose to support another charity you care about on Amazon Smile, because you have the SOS keyboard on your phone, we will still get 2.5% of the purchase price. And it’s not just Amazon – 40,000 other companies are part of this scheme!

The keyboard also allows us to keep you in touch with things we are doing. At the top of the keyboard there’s a link to our website, to our shop and even specially designed stickers and emojis we’ve had created for all our supporters.

The app won’t record any information about you – in fact, we won’t even know who has downloaded the keyboard. We will just be the lucky recipient of a little money every month from any shopping you have done using your phone. If hundreds of our friends and supporters download the SOS keyboard, we could be receiving lots of money to help orangutans – especially helpful in such difficult times.

How do I get the keyboard?

If you have an iPhone or iOS tablet, just click on this link to download your SOS keyboard now.

If you have an Android phone or tablet (such as a Samsung) you can download the SOS keyboard by clicking here.

Whatever device you have, it only takes about 25 seconds, and you’re good to go.



Why would I want to do this?

Downloading the app is a great way to stay in touch with everything SOS is doing. We will keep you informed about the projects you help fund, new merchandise, gifts and events. You will know as soon as we announce anything new and the keyboard will allow you to stay in touch with us very easily.

It also allows you to support our work financially without it costing you a single penny. By simply doing your shopping on your phone you will be funding our work -we are linked up to 40,000 shops and they will give a percentage of whatever you spend directly to SOS. This means that just by using the keyboard to shop, you will be helping us do more to help orangutans every year.

How do I benefit from it?

At no cost to you and with no extra effort, you are generating money for us from the shops you already buy things from. We can really grow what we do if lots of people use the SOS keyboard on their phones or tablets.

The charity sector has really suffered over the last year. The effects of Brexit and Covid are closing lots of businesses in the UK, and this sadly includes charities. The British public is very generous, but the amount people can afford to give has diminished hugely this year because people are losing their jobs or facing more and more financial challenges. Thousands of people who give a monthly donation to charity have been forced to cancel their gifts because they simply cannot afford to give any more.

Everyone still needs to shop, though, for groceries and essentials. This app allows people who want to contribute money to SOS to raise us funds at no cost to themselves, just by doing their shopping using the SOS keyboard.

What’s the risk of installing this app?

There are no risks. Businesses in America have been using the app for nearly four years.

The app will not gather any information about you. Your name, address, and bank details will not be collected or known to anyone. We won’t know who is using the app but we will know how many people are using it in total, so we will be able to report back to our supporters about how much money they are generating between them.

How does SOS benefit from me installing this on my phone?

Every time you use the keyboard to buy something from the 40,000 businesses we are linked up to, an average of 2.5% of your spend will be donated to SOS at no extra cost to you or us. So, if you spend £100 on your weekly shop then whoever you buy it from will give us £2.50, every time you shop. That adds up to over £100 a year!

Is this app trying to get me to spend money I cannot afford?

Not at all. We want this keyboard to be an enjoyable addition to your phone. It will never suggest a shopping opportunity unless you are looking for one. It won’t try and take you shopping when you are texting friends or on Facebook, for instance, and it will not start sending you marketing or advertising messages.

Once I download it, can I get rid of it if I don’t want it anymore?

Yes, very easily. Just like any other app you might have on your phone, you can delete it if you choose. We hope you won’t, but if you do want to it’s easy to do.

Does the app record any of my personal details?

The keyboard will not capture any information about you. All your personal data is protected and the keyboard is 100% GDPR compliant and data safe.

We will never know who is using the keyboard because your name, address and bank details are never recorded. Shops you use online will probably have that information already if you have accounts with them, but nothing is captured by the keyboard, so can never be shared with us or anybody else.

We will know how many people have downloaded the keyboard and how much in total has been raised by all our supporters using it. This will allow us to report how successful the keyboard is for SOS, but we won’t ever know who you are or what you have spent and bought.

The keyboard is clever enough to remember shops that you have visited before, but it won’t know what you have bought when you were online.

The SOS Keyboard

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