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Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

Corporate partnerships are core to our operations at SOS. We work with a range of companies in a variety of ways to find our shared purpose and develop partnerships that provide reciprocal benefits for your business and our mission to ensure wild orangutans can thrive in resilient rainforest landscapes in Sumatra, Indonesia.  

Through a partnership with SOS your business can bring ESG reporting to life, demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, and help to protect nature and biodiversity in some of the most important rainforests on the planet. 

We can help you to add value to your brand, drive sales, and enhance your communications with authentic impact stories, professional images, and breathtaking footage of orangutans in the wild. 

Ways to work with us:

  • Donate to plant trees which provide benefits to the precious Sumatran rainforest ecosystem, ensure orangutans have food and shelter, and support forest-edge entrepreneurs to earn an income by selling things that grow on trees. 
  • Develop on-pack promotions which help drive sales, demonstrate your values and generate donations to help protect rainforests and orangutans.
  • Support project activity that aligns with your own business goals and benefit from excellent communications content that helps to build your brand and meet your CSR/ESG targets.
  • Provide pro bono, specialist, professional support to help improve SOS’ operations and engage your employees with a deeper sense of purpose.

Our corporate partners make a huge difference, every day, to help protect, connect and rewild vital rainforest landscapes and safeguard the future for wild, rare Sumatran and Tapanuli orangutans. Your business will be helping in the fight against climate change too – we all need resilient rainforests. 

Get in touch today to find out how we can work together. 

If you are a small business looking at how you can support SOS, please visit Work For Good, who are our recommended platform for small businesses to facilitate your support.

Our Partners


Lush have worked with us for many years on a wide range of projects and campaigns, including educating local children with our OranguVan and bicycle-powered conservation cinema. They have also helped restore forest and help locals learn how to grow essential oils to provide a viable income source.

Whole Earth

Whole Earth’s aim is ‘to make healthy, natural and delicious food, doing our bit to make the earth whole again’.

They are supporting SOS and contributing to making the rainforest whole again by planting 20,000 trees at the Forever Forest restoration site in the Leuser Ecosystem, Sumatra.

An adult sumatran orangutan

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