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20 Years of Achievements

Over the last 20 years there have been countless achievements that we are proud of. Our work on the ground has all been conducted by skilled and committed local organisations, our frontline partners who are integral to our impact in Sumatra. Every win for one orangutan, one hectare of forest, one forest-edge farmer or one local ecology student matters to us. Here are just a few of our highlights...


  • Raised over £7 million for frontline conservation programmes.
  • Supported regeneration of over 2,000 hectares of orangutan habitat through planting more than 2 million trees.
  • Championed forest-edge communities and engaged more than 7,000 people in conservation action through our frontline partners.
  • Supported Yayasan Orangutan Sumatera Lestari (Orangutan Information Centre) to grow from a small, grassroots volunteer group into an internationally-recognised conservation organisation with over 100 staff.
  • Supported the establishment of the foremost orangutan rescue unit in Sumatra, saving over 200 orangutans so far.
  • Contributed to tackling the link between international trade and deforestation, including advocating for stronger regulations on sustainable palm oil, and successful calls for EU legislative reform.



Case Study: Forest-Friendly Livelihoods

By raising money to plant trees in the buffer zone around Gunung Leuser National Park, we can provide an income to guides and their families by paying people for jobs including tree-planting, transporting seedlings and other materials, maintaining seedlings once they are planted out in the buffer zone, and making eco poly-bags from banana trunk fibres.


An adult sumatran orangutan

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