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Actions On The Ground

Actions on the Ground

Our high-level strategy is underpinned by practical measures that make a real difference to forests, people and orangutans. Solutions are tailored to the conditions in each location. Here are some highlights from our Conservation Toolkit.
Actions On The Ground

Root Causes

Spatial Analysis – understanding landscapes through geographic, social and ecological mapping

Satellite Monitoring – real time updates on areas of concern

Predicting Hotspots – anticipating threats by modelling and predicting patterns of forest loss

Actions On The Ground

Seeds of Sustainable Development

Forest Friendly Farming – fostering agroforestry systems and regenerative farming techniques

Resolving Conflict - encouraging peaceful co-existence between farmers and wildlife

Capturing Value – generating benefits from forests through sustainable harvesting

Market Access – enabling forest-edge communities to earn more from sustainable production

Engaging Entrepreneurs – promoting green business models

Community Institutions – supporting communities to create their own land management planning tools

Actions On The Ground

Space to Flourish

Social Forestry – securing community tenure through this progressive national scheme

Stewardship Incentives – community payments for conservation support and commitments

Ecosystem Recovery – community-led tree planting and regeneration projects

Wildlife Bridges – enabling wildlife to cross roads and rivers safely

Connecting Fragments – encouraging farmers and concession holders to create wildlife corridors

Actions On The Ground

Evolving Conservation

Helping Hands - long term, trustful and supportive relationships with local partners

Open Access - sharing information and insights with the conservation community

Individual Empowerment – building a network of local ‘rainforest guardians’

Harnessing Technology – turning information into action, from eyes in the sky to boots on the ground

Community Embedded – genuine collaboration on programme development and decision making

An adult sumatran orangutan

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