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Our Partners

Engaging Local Expertise

Our partnerships and alliances are crucial to the way we work, but none more so than the grassroots groups we team up with on the ground.

We pride ourselves in maintaining strong and diverse collaborations, working with local organisations on the ground whilst building global partnerships and networks to tackle the drivers of threats and habitat loss.  We support innovative and visionary civil society actors by advising on and funding their vital projects, building their capacity to create long-term conservation solutions. Together, we create and deliver projects that empower local people to take an active, positive and impactful role in the conservation of their own natural resources, building a brighter future for Sumatra’s forests, its wildlife and its people.

From small, community-embedded projects to regional organisations with multiple local programmes, we are continuously looking for dedicated and effective conservation partners to work with, and we are also excited to continue our relationships with existing, inspirational partners like these:

Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships enhance our ability to design, deliver and measure the impact of truly transformational conservation programmes.

Nature-based Insetting

Nature-based Insetting Ltd is a social venture spin-out from the Nature-based Solutions Initiative at Oxford University, working at the interface between research and practice. They apply cutting edge science to support corporate clients to develop location and commodity-specific roadmaps for setting and achieving evidence-based targets for climate, nature, and its biodiversity. They achieve this by analysing their biodiversity-, climate- and human wellbeing-related impacts and risks, and identify opportunities for mitigation by implementing nature-based solutions that are effective, net-zero aligned, ecologically sound and socially just.

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