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Support a resilient future for wild orangutans.

When you choose to make a significant gift to SOS you will make a significant difference to the future for rare, wild orangutans, forest-edge people and the irreplaceable rainforest in northern Sumatra.


At the heart of rainforest conservation in Sumatra

You can choose to fund a specific programme of work focussed on protecting, connecting and rewilding Sumatra’s precious rainforests to ensure the future for orangutans, or give an unrestricted gift to be used wherever the need is greatest.  

Working through our local frontline partners, your gift will support the long-term conservation of critically endangered Tapanuli and Sumatran orangutans, and enable us to deliver progressive, community-based conservation programmes that break the link between poverty and unsustainable forest exploitation.

At SOS, our mission is driven by three pillars: to PROTECT the remaining rainforest, biodiversity and unique ecosystems of northern Sumatra; to REWILD degraded landscapes; and to CONNECT fragmented forest areas to enable orangutans and other wildlife to move freely and safely at the scale they need to thrive, not just survive.

By 2030, through our network of partners and engagement of forest-edge communities, we seek to help protect 1.8 million hectares of standing forest, rewild 10,000 hectares of degraded forest and connect critical orangutan landscapes for the long term in order to halt the decline of wild orangutans in northern Sumatra.

Make a difference today

To find out more about how your generous gift can help wild orangutans to thrive in resilient rainforest landscapes, please contact or call SOS HQ on 01235 530825.

We will keep you up to date on the impact of your donation however you prefer to be contacted. We are a small team and value human connection – we love to have a quick chat on the phone, as well as sending reports and sharing information in online and in-person events. You will have the opportunity to meet key members of the SOS team in the UK and in Indonesia – we can even arrange for you to visit our projects in Sumatra so you can see the impact of your support first hand.

You will join a community of generous supporters who share your passion for wild orangutans thriving in resilient forests – we look forward to welcoming you.

How to make a tax-efficient donation from the US

If you would like to make a tax-efficient donation from the US, we are delighted that Chapel & York US Foundation can accept US donations on our behalf.

This partnership allows us to save on the costs required to operate our own US 501(c)(3) nonprofit while still providing you the opportunity to support SOS with tax-deductible donations.

Please visit and select SUMATRAN ORANGUTAN SOCIETY as the recipient fundholder.


Gita Defoe

"Contributions really do go directly to the front line. I’ve seen the teams in action and I’ve slept on their concrete floors!"

- Andrew Callender, SOS supporter

An adult sumatran orangutan

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