Join Us for the "Wild Wonders" Online Auction to Protect Wild Orangutans! 🌿🦧 - SOS – Sumatran Orangutan Society
Join Us for the

Join us for the "Wild Wonders" online auction to protect wild orangutans! 🌿🦧

We are excited to announce the "Wild Wonders" online auction, a fantastic opportunity to support Sumatran Orangutan Society in our mission to protect wild orangutans and their rainforest homes.

The Wild Wonders online auction will run from Thursday, 27th June to Sunday, 7th July, and it features an incredible array of items and experiences generously donated to support our cause.

Why Participate?

By participating in the Wild Wonders auction, you’ll not only have the chance to win unique and exclusive items, but you’ll also be contributing to vital conservation efforts. Every bid helps us safeguard orangutan habitats and ensure these magnificent creatures can thrive in their natural environment.

Auction Highlights

We have an amazing selection of items and experiences up for grabs, all generously donated to support Sumatran Orangutan Society. Here are some of the highlights:

Exclusive Experiences

  • Orangutan Photo Tour in Sumatra: Embark on a breathtaking adventure to capture stunning images of orangutans in their natural habitat.
  • Mastery Experience for 4 at Macallan Whisky Distillery: Indulge in an exclusive whisky experience with friends, exploring the mastery behind one of the world’s finest whiskies.
  • Perfume Masterclass: Learn the art of fragrance creation from top expert Simon Constantine in a unique and sensory experience.
  • Orangutan Experience for 4 at Chester Zoo: Enjoy a memorable day with orangutans and get an up-close look at their lives at Chester Zoo.
  • Be in the Next Tom Gates Book: A money-can’t-buy opportunity for the young person in your life

Collectable Memorabilia

  • Coldplay Signed Drum Head: A unique piece of music memorabilia for fans and collectors.
  • Stornoway Hand-written Lyrics (Song of Your Choice): Own a personalised piece of music history with lyrics hand-written by the band.
  • Complete Signed Hobbits Photo from Liverpool Comicon: A must-have for fans of “The Lord of the Rings.”
  • Lord of the Rings signed memorabilia: A must-have for fans of Middle Earth: A collector’s item that any fan would cherish.
  • Rise of the Planet of the Apes On Set Chair Back: A unique piece of film history for any movie memorabilia collector.

Art and Jewellery

  • Ernest Zacarevich Lithographic Prints
  • Stoneware Clay Wildlife Sculptures
  • Bespoke Orangutan Necklaces
  • Hannah Warner SOS Inspired Rings

These beautifully crafted items, inspired by nature and wildlife, are perfect for any art lover or jewellery enthusiast.

How to Participate

  1. Visit the Auction Site:
  2. Register to Bid: Ensure you are registered in advance to place your bids.
  3. Start Bidding: Explore the items, place your bids, and keep an eye on your favourites.

Save the Date

Mark your calendars and join us from Thursday, 27th June to Sunday, 7th July for the Wild Wonders online auction. Together, we can make a significant impact and ensure a brighter future for wild orangutans.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to support our vital work and take home some extraordinary items. Let the bidding begin!

An adult sumatran orangutan

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