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Chainsaws for Conservation

Can Chainsaws be a tool for conservation?

When is the sound of chainsaws in a national park a good thing? When they are cutting down oil palms!

For just $1.67, you can cut down an oil palm that was illegally planted in the Leuser Ecosystem, key orangutan habitat – or why not take a chainsaw to ten for $16.70?

Our target is to cut down 9,000 oil palms, and then 75 hectares of land will be restored by planting thousands of rainforest tree seedlings, reclaiming vital habitat for orangutans and the countless other species that share their forest home.

We have the support of the local park rangers and the local villages to ensure that once restored to forest, they will become guardians of this area to ensure that this area of forest remains protected after it has been replanted.

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An adult sumatran orangutan

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