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Forest Bathing

Soak up the sounds
of the Sumatran Rainforest.

Orangutans need rainforests, and so do we! Thank you so much for buying a limited-edition orangutan bath bomb from Lush. You are helping to protect Sumatra’s precious rainforests so that orangutans, people and our planet can thrive.

We’d love to connect you more closely to the rainforest you are helping to protect, so we have ventured deep into the forest to record the sounds of the amazing wildlife there. We think it is something really special to hear. Can you identify the orangutan long call?

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Forest Bathing


Lush’s gorgeous new Orangutan bath bomb is helping bring global awareness to a little-known wildlife haven in Sumatra called West Toba. All the profits from sales of the bath bomb will support forest-edge communities to protect and rewild this incredible rainforest.

#WestTobaForest is amazing! It is vibrant, buzzing with the sounds of the wildlifeliving there. It is essential – not only for orangutans, but for many other species too including Sumatran tigers, gibbons, sun bears and hornbills. Protecting rainforest landscapes like these is also crucial in the fight against climate change. All this adds up to make it some of the most important rainforest on the planet.

A single forest corridor connects the habitat of orangutans and other wildlife in this biodiversity hotspot. Together, we are supporting our frontline partners and forest-edge communities in Sumatra to protect and rewild this vital corridor, to safeguard this exceptional ecosystem for the long term.

Community-powered conservation

Forest-edge communities hold the key to the future health of the Sumatran rainforest. These communities are best placed to act as forest guardians now, and into the future.

Funds from sales of the orangutan bath bomb will help to train small-scale farmers in orangutan-friendly farming techniques and support communities to plantthousands of trees, using agroforestry and regenerative techniques to ensure the trees can thrive. As the trees grow, they can provide non-timber products to help forest-edge families to earn an income without damaging the ecosystem or threatening the wildlife.

Thank you for helping communities to care for their forests so that orangutans, people and our planet can thrive.

Soak it up!


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