Forest Friday

Making Black Friday Forest Friendly

2019 has been a big year for awareness of the climate crisis, deforestation and the loss of endangered species. Most of us are coming to the realisation that we can’t keep consuming at the rate we’re accustomed to without damaging the planet, but it can be hard to stick to a sustainable lifestyle when Black Friday rolls around. With most brands offering big discounts and bombarding us with increasingly urgent email reminders, it’s difficult not to be tempted. Not all brands are the same, though, and we’re lucky to have partnerships with several who want to use this time of year to make a bigger contribution to our work in Sumatra – so, if you’re using Black Friday to make purchases you can’t afford at other times of year, here are some companies doing things right.


TAMGA Designs

Tommy and Lottie

If there are things you need that you can’t get on the websites above, there is still a way to give back while you shop. By using Give As You Live or Amazon Smile, every purchase you make will result in a donation to us, at no cost to you!

If you’re avoiding shopping altogether, you could also use Forest Friday to switch your internet browser to Ecosia, or switch your energy provider to Ecotricity.

Finally, if you’re able to travel to London, Moose are running a bar at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Not only do they support us with donations for tree-planting, but they’ve also given us a space at their bar to show a lovely orangutan video and collect extra donations from visitors.

An orangutan in the rainforest. Help her stay safe this Forest Friday.

Zac Mills Photography


Forest Friday

Zac Mills

An adult sumatran orangutan

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