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Gaming to Protect The Rainforest

Did you know that you can fundraise for us through streaming?

Gamer Erin Sy did just that! We had a chance to ask them a few questions about their fundraiser and all things streaming…

Q: Why did you decide to use gaming to fundraise?

I was in a competition with the game of Art of Rally. The third leg of this competition had us racing in fictional tracks based on Indonesia, and because I didn’t care about winning I honestly thought it would be fun to create a stipulation that the slower I drive, the more I donate to a charity working in Indonesia. Specifically, each minute of my race time would result in a donation of $1, with an additional $1 for every in-game roadside fruit stand I destroy.

Q: What do you do on your stream and what size is your audience?

I don’t have a large audience of viewers or subscribers. My channel is simply a personal place to share videos with my family and friends. Most of my videos have less than 100 views.

Q: Why did you choose to support SOS?

I chose SOS because you seemed genuine, and because you exclusively work in Indonesia which is where the game was set. I also care about conservation and support forestry as a way to sequester carbon and combat the climate crisis.

Q: How did you collect fundraising?

The day after I made my donation, my teammate (Franky M) matched my donation to SOS. And as a side note he also won that leg of the competition!

Q: What would you say to someone who is considering streaming for SOS?

I would say that streaming and fundraising go very well together. It’s easy to set up a challenge and have people join in supporting your charity.

Thanks Erin!

SOS have also recently joined Tiltify – an online giving platform that allows donations to a fundraiser’s stream whilst they are live.  

It also the only fundraising platform to have direct integration with the Twitch livestream platform. The Tiltify for Twitch extension allows streamers to embed Tiltify’s interactive features, such as milestone, incentives, and real-time contribution tallies into their stream pages. Tiltify also allows donors to receive instant, on-screen recognition for their contribution and interact live with players and special guests.

Tiltify supports a wide range of livestream fundraising activities beyond gaming, including food-related and art broadcasts, such as live music performances, and events like 5K runs and walks for charity. Tiltify is also easy to use – users can get started with a Tiltify livestream fundraising event in less than five minutes!

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