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Our Conservation Goals: Rewild

Recently we shared with you our Conservation Greenprint in which we shared our three goals: Protect, Connect and Rewild orangutan landscapes

Today we explore: Rewild

Our Goal: Degraded forest ecosystems in orangutan landscapes recovered and rewilded.

We support a range of partners and projects working  to enhance, rehabilitate and re-establish orangutan habitat. Our rewilding philosophy focuses on creating a self-sustaining natural system integrated with the human communities around and within it. 

Rather than striving to recreate historical conditions or exclude human presence, we look to the future to support nature and people in generating functional, sustainable ecosystems that provide services for people and biodiversity, including a long-term home for orangutans.

Through our frontline partners we are scaling up community-led ecosystem recovery efforts. These regeneration projects bring the land back to life, and meaningful community engagement protects the intact forests beyond the restoration sites by empowering local people to become guardians of the forest.

At SOS our vision is viable and thriving populations of orangutans in resilient forests. And for orangutans to thrive in the wild, they need enough space to flourish, expand and evolve.

To get there, we support the genuine involvement of communities in activities which sustain the forests while having access to economic opportunities that provide them with prosperous and fulfilling lifestyles.

We have supported our partners and the communities they work with to rewild more than 2,000 hectares of orangutan habitat over the last decade, turning back the clock on forest loss. 

By 2030, as part of the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, we will support the rewilding of five times as much land for the benefit of orangutans, people and nature, contributing to the regeneration of 10,000 hectares in orangutan landscapes.

To find out more about our goals to 2030 dive into our Conservation Greenprint here.

An adult sumatran orangutan

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