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Sumatran orangutans at Singkil

Spotted at Singkil!

Restoration efforts are paying off for orangutans at Singkil Swamp Wildlife Reserve.

Singkil Swamp Wildlife Reserve is vitally important both locally and internationally. The Singkil area is home to irreplaceable breeding populations of Sumatran orangutans and other Critically Endangered species, and hundreds of thousands of people rely on the area’s natural resources to survive as well.

Outside Sumatra, Singkil also matters to all of us because its deep, carbon-rich peatlands are vital as natural carbon sinks, which, if drained, release dangerous levels of pollution into the atmosphere.

The Orangutan Information Centre (OIC) restoration team is working hard on canal blocking (to re-wet areas of peat which have dried) and tree-planting to protect and restore several hundred hectares of Singkil. Recently, restoration manager Rio Ardi spotted an orangutan in the trees at the reserve and managed to capture this short video. What a way to start 2021!


An adult sumatran orangutan

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