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A young Sumatran orangutan in a tree

Andrew Walmsley

Supporting a brighter future
for orangutans


We rely on generous supporters like you to fund our work on the ground in Sumatra.

If you wish to make a significant difference to the future of orangutans, then please do get in touch at 01235 530825 or here

Gifts from people like you can make a real difference. If you have specific ideas on what you want your gift to go towards, then we can suggest a portfolio of projects to see which best suits your aims. Your philanthropy isn’t just crucial for protecting orangutans, but also countless other rare and threatened species, as well as supporting the communities that rely on the integrity of the rainforest ecosystem.


Gita Defoe

"Contributions really do go directly to the front line. I’ve seen the teams in action and I’ve slept on their concrete floors!"

- Andrew Callender, SOS supporter

Why support SOS?

SOS works to find local, national and international solutions to the root causes of orangutan decline, and to break the link between development and deforestation.

Our work in Sumatra has always been based on the principle of people living in harmony with nature. We respect and value the natural world, but recognise with necessary pragmatism, that unless people who live in or near orangutan habitat are actively engaged in positive conservation action, there will be no future for the orangutans. Our approach of working closely with local communities to develop conservation action plans and sustainable livelihoods offers a real alternative to the destruction of forests for short-term profit.



An adult sumatran orangutan

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