Thank you for helping us raise £80,000! - SOS – Sumatran Orangutan Society
Thank you for helping us raise £80,000!

Thank you for making our Big Give Christmas Challenge a success!

Wild orangutans need resilient rainforests – and so do the people living alongside them. Forest-edge communities are best placed to be the guardians of their own wildlife and ecosystems. Through adopting orangutan-friendly regenerative agriculture, people and nature can both flourish. With this in mind, our Big Give Christmas Challenge campaign for this year focused on raising £80,000 for the following aims:

  • Supporting women to collect and germinate wild seeds to grow trees which provide non-timber products that can be sold to generate income and increase household resilience. These trees will also support orangutans to thrive: in just 4 years the canopy is lush enough to provide food and nesting spots.
  • Engaging and training key forest-edge communities to understand the impacts of forest loss and adopt orangutan- and forest-friendly, regenerative farming methods (like permaculture and agroforestry) so they have the skills to protect and enhance their forest landscapes for the long term.
  • Enabling key communities to plant thousands of ecosystem-enhancing trees to enrich their forest landscapes and ensure these remain connected so orangutans can move through, nest in and feed from the diverse and resilient forest canopy. Orangutans need connected forests to ensure healthy breeding.

Thanks to you, our incredible supporters, we reached that goal today! You are amazing.

An adult sumatran orangutan

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