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A male orangutan looking happy and excited.

Our Rainforest Home Appeal is fully funded.

We are delighted to tell you that we have reached the target amount of £870,000 for our Rainforest Home Appeal. We are so touched and so grateful for all the support we have received since we launched the appeal in August 2018.⁣ If you donated, shared, re-tweeted, forwarded emails or in any way offered your support – YOU have helped make this happen!

An aerial view of a rainforest.

From oil palm plantation to rainforest. Photography by Andrew Walmsley.

Reaching this target is a momentous occasion for us in many ways. It’s the most ambitious appeal we’ve ever run, by a long way, so to have received such wholehearted backing from so many people has been vital. While the appeal has been running, we’ve received several reports of further human-wildlife conflict in the plantation we’re buying, which highlights the urgency of the appeal. Giving this land into the care of the Orangutan Information Centre forest restoration experts will be a turning point – the land itself will no longer be a danger zone for elephants, tigers and orangutans, and the Leuser Ecosystem forest just beside it will have a new buffer zone to protect it.⁣

This is a new chapter for this piece of land, and for the wildlife that depends on it. Thank you for all your support.⁣

An adult sumatran orangutan

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