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A lovely new orangutan video

A lovely new orangutan video from Sumatra

Darma from Nature for Change recently filmed an orangutan passing through one of the tree-planting sites he manages.

Our partner organisation, Nature for Change, runs several projects around Gunung Leuser National Park in northern Sumatra. One of their projects involves planting native fruit trees in the buffer zone around the park; this benefits wildlife by increasing the amount of forested land they can move through, and benefits community members by allowing them to earn money through tree-planting.

We recently received a new video from Darma, the founder of Nature for Change. While conducting tree maintenance (making sure the trees are growing well and aren’t affected by disease) at one of the planting sites, he heard movement in the leaves above him and saw a young female orangutan moving through the canopy overhead. Luckily, he had his phone with him and was able to record a video of her as she moved effortlessly through the trees.

An adult sumatran orangutan

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