Conservation Optimism​ is dedicated to inspiring and empowering people around the world to make a positive difference for nature.

We are proud to have joined their Conservation Network of Optimists Worldwide as part of our ongoing drive to give people hope and motivate them to take action for Sumatran orangutan conservation.

What is Conservation Optimism?

Conservation Optimists believe that optimism and hope can provide motivation for meaningful action. SOS and the hundreds of other members of the Conservation Optimism community are committed to inspiring people to feel a sense of wonder at the natural world and empowering them to take action to help conserve it.

By taking conservation discussions from ‘doom and gloom’ to a more positive place, Conservation Optimists aim to bring society together as an inclusive movement to work towards a vision of a better future for nature.

Three men working in a tree nursery

Forests of the future: tending seedlings at a restoration site in Sumatra. Photo by Andrew Walmsley.


Conservation Optimism says:

“We believe that Conservation Optimism is more than our online hub — it’s a spirit and an ethos that many organizations are embracing as we all move forward to build a more effective, more inclusive, and more active future for conservation.

To this end, we are working to build robust reciprocal relationships with organizations — collectively called the Conservation Network of Optimists Worldwide, or ConservationNOW — that uphold the vision that we have outlined in our Mission Statement.”

We are excited to be a part of this movement. It is clear to us that even the people who care the most about a species still need reasons to remain hopeful sometimes. We can’t expect our supporters to stay positive if we don’t help them to do so, and our recent campaign success with the Rainforest Home appeal was a fantastic reminder of this.

You can read more about why we joined ConservationNOW on the Conservation Optimism website.



Zac Mills

An adult sumatran orangutan

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