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Bill Bailey narrates our Conservation Greenprint animation

We are delighted to share a brand new animation narrated by comedian and friend of SOS Bill Bailey. It brings to life what we do at Sumatran Orangutan Society and why it is so important for orangutans, for rainforests and for people. Check it out!

In a real way, we all rely on orangutans and the forests they live in. It’s crucial we protect rainforests like those in Sumatra, in the fight against climate change.

Orangutans are keystone species, who keep the whole ecosystem healthy, and at SOS we’ve spent over 20 years working with frontline partners to help orangutans thrive.

We must do more.

What’s our vision for the future of Sumatra’s orangutans? People and wildlife peacefully coexisting, with local communities empowered to act as custodians of the forest, protecting and rewilding the orangutans’ home and ensuring a vibrant future for these essential ecosystems.

Our plans have evolved from more than 20 years of impactful programs and partnerships – only possible thanks to our loyal and passionate supporters like you.

We are conservation optimists. With our Conservation Greenprint we have a way to turn that optimism into a conservation success story. By working with fantastic partners, we can implement innovative approaches and proven strategies to scale up.

With support from people like you, we can help orangutans, nature and humanity to thrive, together.

We are so grateful to have you with us on this ambitious and optimistic journey.

Huge thanks to the wonderful HelpFilm who produced this animation for SOS pro bono. They are a truly expert team and we highly recommend their services.

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An adult sumatran orangutan

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