A female orangutan with her baby on her back.

Our biggest ever appeal will end on 15th March. Can you help us reach our goal?

With just a few weeks to go until our Rainforest Home appeal comes to an end, the total currently stands at £830,521 – this is 95% of the amount we need. This is incredible – we are a small organisation and we’re astounded by the level of support we’ve received. It’s clear that a lot of people care about the future of Sumatran orangutans and the other species that share their habitat, and that gives us hope.

As you might have heard, we are very fortunate in also having the support of some corporate partners who want to help us reach this ambitious goal. Lush released a second round of limited edition orangutan soaps across Europe just before Christmas and their North America campaign is underway right now. The #SOSSumatra products are flying off the shelves, and all the proceeds, minus VAT, will go towards the Rainforest Home appeal.

An orangutan sitting in a tree.

Will you help?

We want to make one final push to share this appeal online and make absolutely sure that we don’t fall short of the total.  Research shows that people are 16 times more likely to read content online (whether that’s an email, a Facebook post or a Tweet) if it has been shared by someone they know, rather than an organisation. Please share the Rainforest Home link with your friends, family and online networks so everyone has the chance to chip in. Or, if you think your friends will respond better to some footage of orangutans, please show them this video.

With your help, we can do this. We want to update our website in March with the good news that we’ve secured this land for orangutans forever. You’ve seen how quickly our partners in Sumatra can take barren land and turn it into thriving forest. We can’t wait to see the same thing happen to the 890 acres you’re helping us to buy.

Our Rainforest Home Appeal is almost over!

Zac Mills

An adult sumatran orangutan

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