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Evolving Conservation: Case Study

Evolving Conservation: Case Study

Acting as an enabler, facilitator and connector, we provide conservation allies with the tools to deliver game-changing programmes. Our actions empower local stakeholders, supporting them with new skills, knowledge and networks to enhance their stewardship of orangutan landscapes. Together with our vital in-country partners, we work with frontline NGOs, the private sector, local communities, the international community, and national, regional and local government.

As part of our commitment to Evolving Conservation, through long-term, committed relationships, we continuously strengthen the capacities and leadership of our local, on-the-ground partners to manage and protect orangutan habitat.

Our frontline partners have received training from our Environmental Anthropologist in community engagement processes, using ethnographic methods, including participant observation, live-in, semi-structured interviews and personal life histories.

This has enabled us to develop a genuine and trustful relationship with local communities in our key areas of work, enabling us to gain a much better understanding of the socio-political dynamics that we must take into account to make sure our programmes are effective and fair.


An adult sumatran orangutan

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