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More Trees Please

Sumatran orangutans rely on healthy forests to survive

Help us replant areas of degraded land in Sumatra by donating to plant and maintain rainforest trees.

Thousands of hectares of orangutan habitat have been destroyed and replaced with farmland and other developments.

Together with our partners in Sumatra, we are reclaiming and restoring this land for wildlife. Planting trees and maintaining them as they grow takes a lot of time, and employs a lot of people. To plant a rainforest tree seedling and nurture it until it’s a strong adult tree costs around £5, so to plant several hectares quickly adds up.

You can help. Donate to More Trees Please to give Sumatran orangutans a safe future in the wild.

An orangutan swinging through the trees

Zac Mills Photography

An adult sumatran orangutan

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