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Do you want to protect orangutans, but you’re not sure how to help?

You can help orangutans by fundraising!

What would your friends sponsor you to do?

  • Dress up as an orangutan and run through the town
  • Have a cake stall at work or school with proceeds to SOS.
  • Dye your beard or hair orange
  • Skydive in an orangutan suit
  • Organise a pub quiz with proceeds to SOS.

Whatever takes your fancy, we will support you all the way.

You can set up an online fundraising page to collect sponsorship in just a few clicks:

Start Fundraising

Make it personal

Fundraising from friends is a great way to raise awareness as well as money, but some of us find asking hard.

Three quick tips to make it easier:

1.) Tell them why this matters to you. What personal experience have you had that makes you care?

2) What difference will the money make?

a) To orangutans – e.g. £5 pays for a new tree to be planted and nurtured to maturity. Within 4 years an orangutan can build a nest there!

b) To you? How much will it mean to you if your friends get behind you in supporting this cause?

3) You are not asking for you. You are asking for some wonderful  animals who do not have their own voice.

You are amazing. Thank you.

For more ideas, download our free Fundraising Guide - it's packed with lots of useful information and inspiration.    Download

We even have a special version for younger OranguFans too!    Download

An adult sumatran orangutan

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